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LittleMiss' Guide to RPing

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1 LittleMiss' Guide to RPing on Thu Feb 04, 2010 4:03 pm


The Artsy Admin
The Artsy Admin
Hello, everyone. I am aware of the guides already placed in this forum, but that is what it is for. RPing guides.
I felt condemned to express what I believe makes a good role-player.

Language is everything when it comes to RPing.
RPing is like writing a story, so here is some tips for your story-writing process.

First off, grammar. Good grammar is important, not just because I am a grammar geek; you know, one of those smart alics who thinks that grammar is so important and corrects every little grammar error she sees (you know very well I don't do that to peoples' posts, though). Even though I am picky, I won't be in this guide, just be sure it makes since.
If you're not sure if it makes since, reread what you post before you post it. If it makes since to you, think about other people. If others can understand it, then it has adequate grammar. Also, grammar includes punctuation, capitalization, and a bunch of other junk. Just remember, think of it as a story, and your fellow role players as the readers. Make your readers think that you are smart, by giving them good grammar. Also, good grammar does not mean talking in 'text chat.' No lol, jk, or anything of the like. Your characters might be an exception, unless you want them to be smart. I don't expect too much of you, though.

Next, spelling. I am aware that not all of you are exactly 'spelling bee champs,' so I have only four words for you:
Simple enough, I suppose? If you have a toolbar, be it Google, Yahoo, or those of the like, it most likely has a spelling, or ABC, check button. It's not to much of a hassle to click the said button when you are finished writing a post. If it is a hassle, I suggest you get medical help.

Now, tenses. Tenses do count for language. There is only one, simple tense I need you to worry about: past.
Just check over your post and see if it is all in past tense. Much like a story, it makes more since if you stay on one tense. A role playing game is much like a story, so let's keep it on past tense.

Next, we have point of view. Like the tenses, there is only one you have to worry about. This would be third person limited, or in some cases, omniscient. It would be limited if you have one character, omniscient if you have more than one in that RPG. Just one thing, DO NOT BE THE CONTROLLER OF A CHARACTER THAT IS NOT YOUR OWN. Let's call you the third person limited omniscient narrator. This means you are only all-knowing off your characters. You are limited to more than one character, YOURS AND YOURS ALONE.

I don't know how many times I should say it, but CHECK OVER YOUR POST. It truly is helpful ^-^

Now that you know what to do, how about what NOT to do. I will express this through examples.

What NOT to do, grammar wise.
billybob001 wrote:billy runned through a river and walked to the park he stopped by a fruit stand bought the watermelon ate the watermelon

OK, tell me what's NOT wrong grammar wise? So far, not capitalization in billy, not punctuation, and no conjunctions in some places, and what's with 'runned?'I hardly understood any of it.

This will be the correct version for all of the bad sentences:
smarterbillybob001 wrote: Billy ran through a river and walked to the park. He stopped by a fruit stand and bought the watermelon. He ate the watermelon.

Now spelling wise:

billybob001 wrote:Biili raann thru ah ribr an wakd two th parrc. Hee stowpet bi ah frut stad an bot th wawameln. Hee at th wawameln

Must I say it? I think you understand why spelling is important now. What's a wawameln?

billybob001 wrote:Billy will run through a river and will walk to the park. He will stop by the fruit stand and buy the watermelon. He will eat the watermelon.

O-o Just don't. Please.

Point of View:
billybob001 wrote:I ran through a river and walked to the park. I stopped by the fruit stand. I ate the watermelon.

Your not talking about yourself OR the reader! Use third person!
I want to murder billybob001. Too bad he's not real x3

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, pm or post them.

Happy RPing!

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