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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future

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1 Professor Layton and the Unwound Future on Sun Oct 17, 2010 9:49 am


The Admin King
The Admin King
Professor Layton receives a mysterious letter from an even more mysterious writer.

The writer is none other than his apprentice, Luke Triton, but the strange thing is, he claims to be the Luke of 10 years in the future!

The letter adresses a serious problem that is happening in the future, but there are no details to the event. The letter states that you must head to the Clock Shop on Midland Road.

The mysterious thing is, that just a week before this, a man who goes by the name of Dr. Stanguhn perfected a time machine, but in the demonstration, both he and the prime minister (who was also in attendance) disappeared without a trace! The time machine was left destroyed, but soon after, London's cleverest scientists began disappearing as well. What is happening in the future and how is connected to the strange events of the previous week? Well, the only way to find out is to head to the Clock Shop on Midland Road.

1. I will be playing Professor Layton as a side character.
2. You can play as either: Luke, Flora, Inspector Chelmey or Barton.
3. You can make your own character, one who teams up with Luke and Layton or be one of the above.
4. No godmodding.
5. I will lead us along the plot
6. Have fun!


[b]Age: (25-30 for adult, 12-15 for child)[/b]

My Sign Up

Name: Luke Triton
Age: about 10/11
Personality: Luke is a sensible young man who is able to converse with animals and is already a bit adept at solving puzzles, most likely due to the fact that he is commonly with Layton. He longs to be a gentleman like Layton, but as he is a kid, he sometimes loses his temper, only to feel ashamed as Layton tells him to calm down. Similar to most children his age, he can let out a cheeky comment when he needs to. Like many young boys, he loves to eat.
As well as idolizing Layton, Luke is extremely fond of Flora. Although they squabble occasionally, their relationship is usually quite good; Luke enjoys showing her around the fair in Dropstone and sympathizes with her distress over being left behind. Both times that Flora gets kidnapped, Luke is deeply upset and angry, and he actively tries to prevent it from happening. He is courageous and compassionate, eager to learn, and possesses a generally sunny disposition.
Appearance: He wears a blue sweater and cap and has light brown hair. He also carries around a large brown leather bag. In the past, he wore a white shirt with brown suspenders, but retained the blue hat. Like his mentor Layton, Luke very rarely takes his hat off; he is seen without it only twice.
Other: He is Layton's apprentice.

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