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The Eternal Life

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1 The Eternal Life on Fri Oct 22, 2010 5:46 pm


The Admin King
The Admin King
[center](based off the movie, the Eternal Diva)
The beautiful play, opera rather, about the Eternal City, Ambrosia is playing in the new theatre, the Crown Petrone. You decide to buy a ticket, only because of the extra note written on the poster.

"One member of the audience will be granted Eternal Life

The play goes off without a hitch, of course. The play is dedicated to Melina Whistler, a young girl who died a year before this exact play. It stars her friend, Janice Caitly.

The play ends, and the best part of the night begins. A man arrives on the stage and announces the "Eternal Game"

You must solve multiple puzzles, and the only one who solves all of them correctly will be granted the Eternal Life. There's only one catch. The losers must offer their lives in return for the Eternal one.

You're about to run, when you see others who've started running before you, fall through a secret door in the floor. There's no escaping. That's when everyone lurches forward. The theater has transformed into a cruise ship and is now sailing out to sea.

1. All TRF Rules Apply~ :3
2. Roar. Have funnn~

Sign Up Sheet
Did you know that someone would get eternal life when you purchased your ticket?:
If yes, then why do you want the eternal life?:

I'll add mine later :3

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