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1 Wasteland... on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:26 am


The Admin King
The Admin King
Welcome to Wasteland, a magical world for creatures who have been forgotten out of Disney history. The King, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, has been in power ever since Mickey Mouse escaped from Wasteland. This is where our story begins, but first, a history lesson.

(The following can be skipped if you know the story of Epic Mickey)
Many years ago, a terrible disaster befell us. The Thinner Disaster. A huge wave of thinner fell over Wasteland, unleashing a terrible creature. The Blot. Our leader, Oswald, was forced out of power and into hiding on Mickeyjunk Mountain. He managed to conceal the blot in The Jar, however Blot drippings from the bottle created a powerful Blot army, Splatters. The worst creation from the drippings, was the Shadow Blot. After a few years of living under the Blot's army, a creature, a mouse, well-known by everyone in Wasteland arrived. Mickey Mouse was pulled into the Wasteland. Soon Mickey met up with Oswald, who devised a plan for them to escape from Wasteland. Mickey defeated various enemies, reopening places for many to go and recovering rocket parts. But Mickey discovered why nobody ever left Wasteland. Nobody had a Heart. A Heart was only in those who were remembered in the real world. Oswald needed to use Mickey's heart so they could escape. But upon Mickeyjunk Mountain, revealing to Oswald the rocket pieces, Mickey reveals the secret. He caused the Thinner Disaster. That's when everything went wrong. Oswald, in his fury, released the Blot, who in turn captured him and Gus the Gremlin. Mickey was forced to hand over his Heart for their safety. Soon Mickey made his way into the Blot to reclaim his heart, and he did. He reclaimed his heart and converted the Blot. All of Wasteland was healed and the world of Wasteland was returned to peace.

Until now. Yen Sid was in his chambers, creating a new addition to Wasteland, a Winter Wonderland. The world was created, and soon Yen Sid left and resided to his bed and fell asleep. But soon he was awakened, to find his new land destroyed, an industrial catastrophe. The entire Wonderland, Winter Wonderland, has been flooded with Thinner and was being overrun by a new creature more terrible than the Blot. The Splat. (Yeah, I went there). The Splat was more terrible than the Blot, and with no Mickey left to save them and no magical brush, it was up to the Wastelanders to save Wasteland themselves.

Signing Up
Appearance (disney-like):
Special Ability (growing plants, baking, fighting, etc.):

Name: Basic, any name you like
Age: You can be an adult, but a teenager would be preferable.
Personality: make it up yo
Appearance: Make it fit your species
Special Ability: Not a power, but something you're good at

There are several species.
Bunny Child- Offspring of Oswald and Ortensia. There are thousands of them, usually a turquoise color at the young stage, and they slowly become darker until black at adulthood.
Disney Character- Similar to characters like Clarabelle the Cow, and them, from older Mickey cartoons.
Pirate- Part of the robotic Captain Hook's crew
Gremlin- Creatures who are a multitude. Usually male, all related.
Good Blotling- Previously part of the Blot army, made good with paint. Probably a Splatter (most basic Blotling) or a Sweeper (broom who can shoot thinner)

My Sign Up
Name: Oliver
Age: 15
Personality: Oliver is one of the quieter Bunny Children. He's kind of sullen but he's overall kind. He doesn't usually spend time around others and is usually finding his way around the Beauty Castle, finding new nooks and crannies. He usually likes to discover things.
Appearance (disney-like): He's a dim turquoise rabbit, similar to Oswald, but slightly smaller. He wears black pants. He looks just like Oswald, but bluer, smaller and with black pants.
Special Ability: He's good at discovering secret entrances and tunnels
Species: Bunny Child

All TRF Rules apply!
Have fun!


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2 Re: Wasteland... on Fri Dec 31, 2010 12:48 pm


The Artsy Admin
The Artsy Admin
Name: Francine Foxtrot
Age: 17
Personality: Ever since the Thinner Disaster, Francine was rather apathetic to others. Her home was thinned out in the disaster, and no one would help her since they had suffered, to. She had to steal to survive, eventually getting so used to her new lifestyle that she stole things that she didn't need. She stores them in her home in one of the giant Mickey Mouse lunch boxes on Mickeyjunk Mountain.
Appearance: Francine is an anthropomorphic fox, and like most forgotten disney charaters, she is black and white with white gloves. She wears a short, tattered dress with leggings. The shoes that she wears have holes in them.
Special Ability: Thievery
Species: Disney Character

- LittleMiss
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3 Re: Wasteland... on Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:47 pm


The Admin King
The Admin King

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