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The Prophecy of Dim

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1 The Prophecy of Dim on Thu Jan 27, 2011 8:35 pm


The Admin King
The Admin King
The warrior sleeps, never awake
The creature to awaken, his life to take
Make haste and quick without him there
None of the creatures will longer care

The dark encircled with brightest day
The actions preceding what you will pay
You see the where but not the what
A creature, one tiny pup, but

The day to end with a single sound
None of the creatures shall rebound
But to depend on the creature is to despair
For of your safety, it has no care

So end a war that has never been
Before it once again arises, men
The day is dark and as is night
So, will you drain the creature's light?

Gregor the Overlander, the warrior of the Prophecies, who though he was done in the Underland, was not. Gregor has fallen ill, and the mysterious creature that has borne in the Underland seeks to take his life. It is up to you band of Underlanders to fulfill the Prophecy of Dim and save the warrior's life.

Sign Ups
[b]Age (usually young for humans, can be older for other creatures):[/b]
[b]Species (explained later):[/b]
[b]Bond (if a human):[/b]

Humans: A basic human of the Underland. They are constantly at war, or were, before the Overlander brought peace. They have pale skin and violet eyes. They speak in a formal, antique way.
Crawlers: Large cockroaches, about four inches back. Not the smartest, are in love with the 'Princess' Boots (a young girl)
Gnawers: Rats, large rats, are usually deadly. Must constantly gnaw so their teeth don't grow through their heads and brains. They have become somewhat friendly with the humans, however some were friends before the peace.
Fliers: Fliers are bats, each large and each unique. They are bonded to humans, for example, a human and flier vow to fight to the death for each other. They will be together forever and do anything together.
Nibblers: Mice, smaller than Gnawers, and are peaceful. About half of their colony was wiped out years ago.

Something you are good at, and it depends on what creature you are! Remember the aspects of the animal you act as.

If you are a human you can make up a bond to partner with, and play as both you and your bond, or bond with another character who is a bat.

My Sign Up

Name: Hazard (he is a character from the original series, a year older)
Age: 9
Species: Halflander (Half Underlander, Half Overlander)
Personality: Hazard is a halflander, and has always been. Both of his parents were killed, and now lives with his cousin, Queen Luxa, who treats him as a brother. Hazard is kind and good hearted, and is mature for his young age, or tries to be.
Appearance: Hazard has skin that is somewhere between pale and peach, and piercing green eyes. He has brown hair and isn't exactly tall for his age. He usually wears clothes that are comfortable from when he lived in the jungle. He wears a plain shirt and pants made of reptile skin but lined inside with soft fabric and mocassin-like shoes made of reptile skin.
Speciality: He can speak in just about any creature's tongue, reptilian the most fluent.
Bond: He was to be bonded to a flier named Thalia, but Thalia was killed. He has no bond yet, but flies with a young silver-purple bat named Venus.
Other: Hazard's father and mother both died in the jungle. He lived there for years with his father Hamnet, until he was killed when the Overlander and crew came and he helped them search for the cure to the plague. Luxa, his cousin, took him in, as a brother.

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2 Re: The Prophecy of Dim on Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:40 am


The Artsy Admin
The Artsy Admin
Name: Artickus (lolwut? yes, the k is necessary. What is it about just waking up with me -3- and like sugar makes me sleepy, idk...)
Age I dunno...
Species: A bat 'n' stuff
Personality: (Maybe my current sleepy-weird personality? lolnojk)
Bond (if a human):

You know what, let's just make the above a promise that I'll sign-up. I just feel to high on sleep to finish it xD.

- LittleMiss
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